The little match girl passion (2019)

Musical-theatrical performance based on David Lang’s “The little match girl passion / Passion for the little match girl”.

In the dance, the character of Anderson’s tale and oratorio by composer David Lang goes through the Passion of Christ. The girl, trying to sell matches, gets frozen in a winter’s night against the backdrop of the world, as the party girl that crushed after the party on the verge of an overdose.

The dance unites the performer and the audience in a joint body experience, but at the same time the theatrical intimacy becomes questionable, and the silent sympathy becomes insufficient.

The authors of the project:

Vocal Ensemble “Alter Ratio”:
Irina Patsulia
Kateryna Priykhodko
Maxim Busel
Ruslan Kirsch
Conductor and leader of the ensemble – Olga Prikhodko.
Kostiumynskyi Dmytro – stage manager, set designer
Maria Salo – actor, dancer
Michael Panchik (BlckBox) – lighting design
Andriy Shakhadinets – sound engineer
Anastasia Sabadash – percussion instruments

Performance duration: 50 minutes.

Geography of the tour:
Musical program Book Arsenal – 2019 “Uyavni tantsy”.
Ukrainian tizhden in Gdańsk IV
Contemporary music days in Vinnytsia-2019