Iphigenia in Tauris. A Bride for a Terrorist (2015)

A theatrical series, which uses the technology of video-mapping, broadcasting and cinema.
Ifigenia’s story is set in the epicenter of the Great Civil War in Tauride, the current Crimea. She is a priestess who takes someone else’s life. Ifigenia is visited by her brother Orestes. A sacrifice must be made.

Images and victims have become unmovable companions in the world of information warfare and terrorism. Manipulative images trigger unintentional events, which require even more deaths. Can a person break the logic of the current war?

Authors of the project:

Director – Kostiumynskyi Dmytro
Through the assistance of Igor Aronov
Set design – Kostiumynskyi Dmytro
Text – Euripides (adaptation by Kostiumynskyi Dmytro)
Composer and Live Electronic – Olexiy Retinskiy
Voice – Nazgul Shukaeva
Choir – Choir Ratio under the direction of Olga Prikhodko
Percussion – Olena Shabelskaya
Visual part -TENPOINT (Maxim Poberezhnyky, Olexiy Tishchenko), Dmitry Kostyuminski
Light – Kostiumynskyi Dmytro, Marya Volkova
Costume – Kostiumynskyi Dmytro, Julia Anderson
Sound engineer – Anastasia Mazurenko
Hyphenia – Victoria Litvinenko
Orest – Igor Aronov
Vlad – Ivan Zavertalyuk
Chorus (The People); in the same way (Moiri) – Clotho, Lachesa, Atropa; in the same way (Erinia) – Tisiphone, Alecto, – alter ratio
Video and promotional material:
Director – Kostiumynskyi Dmytro, Andriy Koshkin
Operators – Viktor Marvin, Andrey Dzyunya, Oksana Nosach
Sound – Artem Artemenko
Costume – Lillia Lutsenko
Administrative and PR support – Olga Artemenko, Kateryna Rostovtseva
Graphic design – Sergey Chebotaryov

Exhibition Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Production: DollMen Theater Company with the support of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, CNM “Diya”, Dovzhenko Film Studio, DokuToloka.