Ifigenia. Apotheosis (2018)

Expanding the interpretation of Euripides’ work “The Ifigenia in Tauris” by new technological methods.

In the time of global struggle, change of the social order and geopolitical reshaping of the existing borders, the Ifigenia stands at the roadblock of a vanishing world: it is to determine whether it is worth it to join the fight and sacrifice itself and its motherland for a better future.

Authors of the project:

Text: Euripides (adaptation by Kostiumynskyi Dmytro)
Director: Kostiumynskyi Dmytro
Composer and Electroacoustics: Oleksiy Retinskiy
Set design: Kostiumynskyi Dmytro
Imagination: Yana Slupskaya
Influenza Young: Katerina Kravchuk
Orest: Ivan Makarenko
Kid: Yevgeny Bal
Choir: Olya Borisenko, Anastasia Vladska, Malvina Khachatryan
Graphic and visual part: Ruslan Isaulenko VJUA, BLCK/BOX, Kostiumynskyi Dmytro
Producer: Julia Yun

Duration of performance: 1 hour 30 minutes

Geography of the tour:

Theatrical Space THEO, Odessa.
Ukraine, Kiev.