Hamlet. Babylone (2014)

Performance includes contemporary composer’s work on Ukrainian folk music, European acting techniques and video scenography.

The project team works with the interactive nature of modern media. In the unstable virtual environment Hamlet constructs and destroys personal existential worlds. The Danish root of Hamlet’s image appears to be timeless. He makes a multitude of decisions, but he is not brought to wholeness. The viewer watches Hamlet disintegrate as he becomes confused by the confusion of the choices that confront him.

Authors of the project:
Director: Kostiumynskyi Dmytro
Visual part: TENPOINT (Maksim Poberezhskii, Oleksiy Tishchenko), Kostiumynskyi Dmytro
Composer: Oleksiy Retinskiy
Dramaturgy: Babkina Katerina
Text: William Shakespeare, Heiner Mueller, Kateryna Babkina
Translator: Dmitrishin Irina
Musicians: Ohrimchuk Ganna, Tetyana Gavrilyuk, Alina Matoushek, Kostyantin Podovod, Vittoriya Litvinenko
Svitlo: Markia Volkova, Kostiumynskyi Dmytro, Danilla Milkovich
Director of photography: Stefan Sergey

Hamlet – Sozansky Bartolomew
Gertrude – Viktoria Litvinenko
Ophelia – Tetyana Gavrilyuk
Butler – Olesiy Retinskiy
Technical support: Artem Shurgalskyy, Jan Jolie
Graphic design: Sergey Chebotaryov

Production: Korpus Animus / DollMen supported by the program “i3” Fund Rinat Akhmetov “Development of Ukraine, FSM “GogolFest”, the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine, the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Geneva, Geneva DIP, Loterie Romande, Göhner Foundation Foundation sponsorship SIG, Intermittent Fund, SIS Migros.

Geography of the tour:
– Ukraine, Kyiv;
– Switzerland, Geneva;
– Switzerland, Neuchâtel;
– Austria, Vienna.